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Abraham Stouffer

Abraham Stouffer, original owner of the farm house, lived (according to his grave stone) from 1729 to 1785.  This Abraham was married to Christina (Deardorff) Stouffer who lived from 1734-1808, and was the father of John Stouffer Senior (1758-1821), Henry, Anna, and Rebecca.  This Abraham died in York County, Monagham Township.

This Abraham Stouffer should not be confused with at least two other contemporary relatives:

  • Abraham Stouffer  (1752-1826), son of Christian, a Mennonite minister from Lancaster County, PA,  husband of Anna, and father of nine children, who emigrated westward in the 1790s and settled in western PA.  This Abraham became a bishop, at least according to this source.
  • Abraham Stouffer of Chambersburg, who was, in 1804,  59 years old, which would give him the life span of 1745-1804+.  This Abraham was involved in a dispute over the origin of a particular kind of milling equipment.  This Abraham may be the same as one identified (in genealogical data from the York County Historical Society) genealogists as  Abraham Stouffer the “first miller” (1747-1809), who migrated in 1764 from Cocalico Township near Ephrata to York County,  married Barbara and later Elizabeth, had children Anna, Magdalena, Jacob (b. 1773), Abraham (b. 1780: moved to Canada), John (b. 1787), and Barbara, and may have been a tax collector and ‘supervisor of Highways’ for Monaghan Township and owned land along the Bermudian.

There may be some confusion in the records over these different figures.  More work remains to be done.

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