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Pottery Rim

Pottery Rim from SU 1215 unglazed side

Pottery rim

Pottery Rim from SU 1215, glazed side

This piece of pottery was the only rim we found in our collection. We could tell it’s a rim because of the drastic change from thin ceramics to a far thicker section. Also, the edge with the thicker section of pottery is smooth and even, showing that showing that it did not break off from that end. Clearly, this is at the top of the ceramic. It was most likely used by the people in the West Room to either hold food, water, or tools. The Sharpie is being used for a size comparison.




pottery sherd

pottery sherd from SU 1215, glazed side

Pottery Sherd

Pottery sherd from SU 1215, unglazed side


This piece of pottery is an example of our plethora of body sherds. It is clearly not a bottom or a rim due to not having any change in dimension as well as no change in thickness. It is glazed only on one side of the ceramic, showing that it is coarse-ware and not fine ware. It was most likely used for cooking or holding tools.


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