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Other Materials


Piece of Glass Bottom from SU 1215, bird’s eye view

glass side view

Piece of glass bottom from SU 1215, to show the dimension of artifact


One of the more fascinating pieces we discovered is this glass sherd. It seems to be the bottom of a glass vessel based on the almost right angle curve going through it. The glass has a blue tint to it, showing that these people could not afford perfectly clear glass. Again, this artifact was most likely a part of a glass vessel which held drink or tools. The Sharpie is there as a size reference.





Fabric from SU 1215

Most extraordinary is this fragile piece of fabric. With further chemical analysis, we could determine what kind of cloth it could be. However, we do not have access to such technology. But just from touching the material we could tell it was made coarsely thanks to its thick strings and obvious weave. It is also thick, though that may also be due to excess dirt.

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