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Organic Materials



Joint Bone from SU 1215

A compelling piece of this assemblage was the piece of bone that we found. Due to its smooth surface and durability, we found out that this ecofact is a piece of bone. After discussing with our on-site Biology major, we decided that it is a joint bone. Since it is so small, this bone may be from some sort of animal instead of a human.






Charcoal from SU 1215

This is just one example of the many pieces of charcoal we discovered in Unit 6. The amount of charcoal, or burned wood, shows that a fire was lit in the fireplace often. Also, since the charcoal is outside of the fireplace, it can be assumed that work was going on in front of the fireplace to throw the charcoal that far away from the source of the flames. One possibility is that the West Room was once a blacksmith shop, throwing metal and charcoal around the room.

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