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This 2016 season, we discovered a variety of artifacts and ecofacts that can be used to better understand the site.

Diary of Discoveries

  • Thursday, October 6th: Second to last day of fieldwork
    • On this day, we got to move onto the actual excavation stratigraphic unit, 1215. On this day, we came across charcoal, glass, pottery, metal pieces, fabric.
  • Tuesday, October 11th: Last day of fieldwork
    • During this excavation, we found more charcoal, pottery, and metal pieces. We also found pieces of the furnace, a metal button-like shape, and a small bone.

Overall findings:

  • 14 Pottery
  • 6 Pieces of slag
  • 1 Lithic (white stone)
  • 99 Brick pieces
  • 9 Nails
  • 9 Pieces of Metal Other than Nails
  • 3 Glass pieces (3 vessels)
  • 2 Coal pieces
  • 1 piece of Fabric
  • 20 Charcoal fragments
  • 1 piece of bone
  • 1 piece mortar


Based on this assemblage, we can suggest that the West Room on Stouffer Farm was most likely a blacksmith shop.

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