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Archaeological Method

The West Room and more specifically, Unit 6. Taken from:

Unit 6 was first opened in 2012. Because of this, we in 2016 needed to complete a cleaning of the unit. We cut tree roots with pick axes and straightened the edges with trowels and brushes. After we finished that, we measured the elevation of the bottom of the unit before we dug any further, using a measuring stick, a leveler, and a string. We connected the string to a level we knew was 100m and then pulled it to a spot in the unit we wished to measure. We used the leveller to assure it was straight, and then used a measuring stick to find the difference between the bottom of the unit and the 100m point. Once we measured that, we could dig. We used shovels, trowels, brushes, and dustpans. We would dig through enough dirt to fill four equal-sized buckets. When we reached that point, we brought them over to the sifters. Three of them we would run through the coarse sifter, and one the fine sifter. This allowed us to find artifacts we may not have in the unit. At the end of our excavation, we remeasured the depth of the unit. We kept the artifacts, or the assemblage, in plastic bags until we eventually washed them.

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