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The Outbuilding. The door on the left leads to the West Room. From:

Stouffer Farm is an 18th-century site established by Abraham Stouffer in Franklin Township of York County. Over the years since its founding in 1776, numerous owners have inhabited this property. Also, there has been a few additions and modifications to the property. One feature of this farm is the outbuilding that is on the west side of the property. This building is split into two different portions from two different time periods. The section of the building to the left is called the West Room. This building was likely built in the mid-19th century and went out of use in the mid-century 20th century. (“The Big Dig at the Stouffer Farm,”, last modified October 13, 2011, Upon initial excavation, the West Room was full of debris including shoes, trash, and wooden boards. After this initial clearing was finished, further excavation revealed ash in the soil along with brick pieces from the furnace present in the room. In 2016, Unit 6 was reopened by Arielle Raugh, Rachel Williams, and Sarah Wilson. This unit is a large rectangular unit placed directly in front of the fireplace in the West Room. The stratigraphic unit analyzed is 1215.


by Rachel Williams and Sarah Wilson

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