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West Room

The West Room is the older of the two rooms.  When it was first discovered, it was filled with debris.  Wooden planks, trash, and shoes were some of the surface material that had to cleared out before excavations could begin.  The gallery of photos above show the room before excavation.  Photos of the excavations can be found in the drop-down menu.

Although there is no absolute certainty about the use of this room, we have reason to believe that it was at one point used for blacksmithing.  The base of a furnace survives in the West Room that was obviously altered when a fire place was added in the East Room. The structure surrounding the furnace suggests it would have functioned well for smithing.  Excavations within the furnace removed significant quantities of ash that were the result of fires used to burn trash in the mid-20th century, i.e., well after its use as for metalworking.  Our earliest artifacts from the fireplace are early 20th century.  However, excavations have not yet reached the bottom of the furnace, and so our conjectures thus far remain tentative.

The West Room was built before the East Room, evident in the structural differences noticeable from the outside and the age difference between bricks in the chimneys of the two rooms.

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