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The Outbuilding is located on the west side of the property along a tree line of the woodland area.  The building is a complex structure of multiple phases that reflect a variety of uses over time.  Our excavations in the south yard of the building, and within the West Room (left side of photo below) have yet to provide clear evidence for the building’s phases and functions.  We currently believe that the earliest phase of construction of this building was mid-19th century, and that the building was used as a multi-functional space that included  blacksmith workspace, habitation, and fullery.  Additional excavation and study may change these tentative interpretations.

Looking at the the picture below, one can see that there are two obvious architectural phases in the house, which we have labeled the West Room (left) and East Room (right).  The original West Room is a small log building, which ceased to be kept up from the mid-20th century.  The East Room is better constructed, evidently more modern in its building style and material, and is covered with wooden siding.  The East Room was presumably used from the later 19th century into the second half of the 20th century.


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