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Voaden Notes

In 1975, Grant Voaden visited the Stouffer farm as part of his documentation of 270 mills from York County.  The following page contains the information about the Stouffer mill from the Grant Voaden Mill Collection.

Index of Old Mills

Name of Mill: STOUFFER’S

Name of Stream: North Branch     Which Flows Into: Bermudian Cr

Present Owner of the Mill or Property: John Hoffman

Address: Rd 1, Dillsburg     Franklin Twp.

Date First Mill Built 1857-58       By  Joseph Stouffer

Date Present Mill Built    —-

Photograph Numbers   3523-25  10/11/75  These are not of the mill itself but of the house and the blacksmith shop which might be the original log cabin.

Head of Water  4-5ft    HP. Or Other Rating ——

Type of Power   Overshot Waterwheel, no information on material

Equipment in Mill —-

Products   Shown on 1876 Map as a Grist & Saw Mill. Feed for cattle.

Date Last Run By Waterpower  —–

Date Last Run By Any Means    —–

Disposition of The Mill   Nothing left of it 10/11/75 except the remains of the head race and a few stones at the dam.

            When J.W. Hoffman first moved to this farm in 1937 as a renter there was nothing left of the mill but a big stone once the sill for the entrance door. This stone is still there 4/7/76. He did not buy the place till 1943.

Name of Next Mill Upstream  Hummer    Downstream Farance (Farence)

List of Owners of The Mill Property & Dates

                Names                                                                                                From

Patent Book A, Vol-11, p-160: – Proprietors of PA. to William Logan

Logan through ? to John Stouffer

4-4-1829 John Stouffer to Sons of Joseph and Emanuel

2-18-1830 Joseph Stouffer became sole owner of 161 acres 119 per

(barely legigible) 2-10-1846 and John St. 9……

5-11-1869 Joseph & Susanna Stouffer sold to John C. & Lydia Stouffer and     Ephriam Stouffer for 12,000 12 acres, 50 per

12-0-124 3/20/1983 John C. Stouffer & wife Lydia sold their ½ interest in the 122 ac to ephriam stouffer who now owns the whole. No Mention in deeds of the mill but it is assessed as early as 1860 as Stouffer’s.

                        Sources of Information- Persons

John W. Hoffman, present owner, who lives there all alone. One of his sons who lives at the next farm does the planting and harvesting on shares


Franklin Twp. Assessment.  Deed records at court house

Authority for date of mill is the tax records of Franklin Twp, now at the Historical Society. In 1857 Joseph Stouffer had 110¸50¹9 acres but no saw mill or grist mill. In 1858 he owned the same tracts of land and also was assessed for a chopping and saw mill, so he must have built it in 1857.     Started 8-18-75

This prepared by Grant H. Voaden PE.   Date cont’d 8-29-75 and 10/27/7

Cont’d 4/26/76

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