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List of Names

The following lists the individuals who are buried in the cemetery and whose names and dates survive on headstones.  The burials span the years 1771 to 1831.

Abraham Stouffer, died July 7, 1785, age 56

Baltzer Smith, died February 9, 1802, age 73

Christina Stouffer, born Sept. 21, 1734, died Dec. 31, 1808, age 74 years 3 months 10 days

Hanna Kebel, April 23, 1771 [Check date: 1778?]

Henry Deardorff, Died January 11, 1812. Age 70 years, 4 months, 6 days [check spelling of last name]

John Pentz, died August 9, 1804, age 60 years [Check age].

John Stouffer, Senior, died September 18, 1821, age 63 years 8 months 13 days

Magdalena Deardorff, died September 31, 1831, age 87 [Check date]

Mary Smith, died Aug. 2, 1784, age 40

Peter Beisel, died January 20, 1794, age 84 years 6 days.

Peter F. Stouffer, died December 14, 1812, age 20 years 11 months, 4 days [Check middle initial]

Philipena Pentz, died March 21, 1813, age 60. [Check spelling of first name]

William Smith, 1799


Besides the names listed above, which are still visible on stones today, Harry Sinner also recorded the following that we were not able to locate in 2011-2013:

Rael Beisel, died February 1, 1794. No age given. Stone in German: Im Jahr 1794, der monatden Hornung dn 1.

(Stone broken upper righthand corner) “Mar…who…Jan the…Aged 76 years __ months and 20 days”

Sinner also recorded two stones broken off at the ground, one with a foot stone with letters “P.S.” [Probably Peter Stouffer?]

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