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Grave Stones

  1. Blake Stough permalink

    Thanks for sharing these photographs. I never knew of this cemetery but would love to visit one day.

  2. Elsie Kauffman permalink

    This is so neat to see this on the computer. The cemetery is on the game land next to our farm and we have visited many times. When we sold a piece of ground, the man who bought it cleaned up the cemetery. It was a terrible mess years ago.

  3. dpettegrew permalink

    That’s wonderful, Elsie. We would love to talk to you to hear more about the history of the conditions of the cemetery. Do you currently live on the farm? We’ll be out at the cemetery next Thursday, April 19, for most of the day.

  4. dpettegrew permalink

    Hi Blake,

    We’d be glad to have you out. Do you live in the area?

  5. Elsie Kauffman permalink

    David, I am sorry I did not see this post before or I would have come over on Apr. 19. We do not live on the farm any longer, but our sons do. I do have some information on the cemetery from 1979 if you are interested. You can email me. Thanks Elsie Kauffman

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