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Asper Cemetery

The Asper Burial Ground is located 1 mile east-southeast of the Stouffer Farm at 50 Big Dam Road in Washington Township.  The cemetery is the resting place of Abraham Stouffer, his wife Christina, descendants, and other relatives and members of their community such as Peter Beisel, relative of Johann Conrad Beissel of Ephrata Cloister fame.  The cemetery is located on State Game land on top of a hill in the midst of corn fields.  The cemetery has no burials later than 1831 and does not  appear on township maps of the 1860s. In the 20th century, it was evidently forgotten and poorly maintained, and even partially destroyed by plowing.  On May 3, 1941, J. Harry Sinner recorded the stones visible at the cemetery, and this record became filed in Volume XIII of The Cemeteries of York County, Pennsylvania. A Survey of the Historical Society of York County, directed by Alice E. Starner (Record 726-14). Many of the original headstones  are still legible, and the foot stones also survive.  Plowing and bulldozing scraped the edge of the cemetery and some footstones were found in mounds of dirt on the edge of the fields.  A neighbor of the cemetery told us that the mounds were created during clearing operations several decades before, but the local landowner, Louis Asper, reported to J. Harry Sinner that farming had long before destroyed “a number of markers…some years ago.”

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